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Monkey Conveyancing's Promise to You

Monkey Conveyancing Promises…

  • Price guarantee with total disclosure. With Monkey, YOU can count on it!

  • Value for money. Competitively priced based on value, cost to produce, what is reasonable for our experience and what you expect to pay.

  • To do the right thing. At Monkey we follow Lexon Insurance’s (working with the Law Society) established Conveyancing Protocol. This is a blueprint on how conveyancing should be done. It isn’t compulsory but it is “Best Practice” and helps make sure you get the best legal service.
  • The latest conveyancing technology. We use the latest, best and most advanced cost-cutting digital conveyancing and accounting technology available = win/win for you and us!

  • Long term Legal Experience. We started doing conveyancing over 25 years ago!

  • We are not your garden variety law firm. We broke the old Solicitor/Conveyancer model and purpose built a new conveyancing company from the ground up using the newest business management techniques, customer service systems and wrapped it into many years of work experience.

  • To tell you how it is. Conveyancing isn’t rocket science. It is a learned skill that uses technical language to do a very simple task and it relies on people, communication, organisation and management skills to get the best results. The secret is now out!

  • Quality service. We started conveyancing in the 1970s so we know what good old fashioned service was like and we still deliver it!

  • You matter to us. You aren’t a cash carrying commodity being turned over in a numbers game of sales targets to satisfy the shareholders’ demands of a big company.

  • Many strings to our bow. The Directors of Monkey have University educations in law, legal practice management, science, finance, marketing, business administration, film making and post grad level communication management. This means you are in the hands of professionals who know what they are doing and know how to run a business
  • We have lived the housing experience. Monkey’s Directors have lived the big picture of home ownership from first home buyers, developers, investors and hands on home renovators. The Buying & Selling Guides on our website are written from experience – not a text book.

  • We have had previous career lives. Our management haven’t always been lawyers. We have also worked in careers in retail, film, marketing, advertising, publishing, public relations, telemarketing, health & fitness, counselling, public speaking, insurance, superannuation, business management, even table service, pulling beers, and working in fast food restaurants. We have done community service, volunteer and charity work. We have worked in corporate life, the State & Federal Public Service, small and large businesses, in public and private committees and in partnerships.

  • We are human. Even though we are Monkey. For over a half a century we have worked and mixed with people from all walks of life: the rich and famous, single mums, families, battlers, tradies, immigrants, academics, dyslexics, commuters, the chronically ill, the dying, and the disadvantaged and their carers. We understand the concerns and fears of people and have dedicated much of our lives to helping people.

To get your business we won’t

  • Over quote and then cut the price to match a lower price. How can you trust someone who wasn’t honest with you from the start and will do anything to get your business?

  • Under quote you and then tell you about ALL of the costs (i.e. filing fees, cheque fees, settlement fees, registration fees, and all of the essential searches).

  • Use fear, worry, doubt and uncertainty to frighten you to use us.

  • Boast and exaggerate about who we are, or how many thousands of conveyances we have done when the only one that really counts is yours!

  • Make claims that can’t be proved about how good we are. Anyone can call themselves a market leader, but where is the proof when it is just a personal opinion?

  • Blind you to all other considerations like professional skill, customer service and satisfaction.