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April 12, 2022

What Does Your Front Door Say About You?

Welcome to MY World

A shiny gold door screams “LOOK AT ME” and then some. Probably owned by a person who has come into money rather than being born into it. The type of person who likes to be the centre of attention at a party and thinks they could easily be the President one day.

The Creative Soul

A magnificent piece of artwork adorning your front door would indicate you are a creative soul. The fact that this artwork goes right to the edges and beyond (in our imaginations) tells us this person is not confined by borders. A free spirit… unshaven armpits and maybe even a man bun.

You Can Depend on Me

This door gives the impression the owner is solid and dependable. This person has a history, with possibly a few chinks in their armour. Trusting, safe and welcoming are other ways I would describe this door.I can guarantee the owner likes hugs and pot brownies.

A Little Ray of Sunshine

The person who owns this door probably skips a lot… bringing joy and positivity into countless lives as they go. It’s a bold and confident colour choice for a door and ideal for those who don’t mind standing out from the crowd. Enter with care. Haha.

The Dragon’s Lair

As dragons are quite secretive beasts I would suspect a recluse lives here. Someone who enjoys an air of mystery and fantasy. A keeper of secrets. A magician. Maybe even a witch. I see late nights by the open fire sipping warm cider while playing dungeons and dragons. Great door for Halloween.

Eat Your Heart out Hogwarts

This person lives in a pure fantasy world. Green indicates growth, ambition and money but in reality, this person’s head is so far in the clouds they struggle concentrating for more than 30 seconds at a time. Most likely a Pisces.

Home Beautiful

This front door exudes style. It looks like it should be in the pages of House & Garden or Architectural Digest magazine. The owner wears tailored clothes and drives a Volvo.

What door are you?

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