Who is Monkey Conveyancing?

Monkey Conveyancing has been built from the ground up using the newest business and management models, customer service systems and the latest technology. And that’s just for starters….

We have offices in Brisbane and the Gold Coast and we can complete Conveyancing for you anywhere in Queensland or New South Wales at a competitive rate. Using today’s modern technology (internet, email, mobile phone, at home printers and scanners) as well as faxes and the post, NO visits to the Monkey Conveyancing offices are necessary.

We can help you wherever you are in the world when buying or selling a property in Queensland or New South Wales.

Where We Came From

Monkey Conveyancing grew out of the Directors’ dissatisfaction with the delivery of customer service these days and, in many cases, no customer service at all. The general rudeness and apathy in retail, the cut throat thrust of bottom line pricing with little or no quality or responsibility, the impersonal “press 1 if … press 2 if … your call will be monitored (so they can use it against you later) of call centres (especially foreign ones) where they don’t listen to your concerns but want to know what you ate for breakfast before they will tell you their opening hours. You know what we mean!

We were fed up with the back-room faceless men, political correctness, the mystery around how things work and how companies today are more interested in meeting sales targets as opposed to being concerned about the loyalty to their customers (where their income really comes from).

We saw a need to do things differently.

Our Mission

Yes, we want to be the biggest and best Conveyancing Law Firm in Australia and make lots of money in the process (OK – we said it!). We know everyone wants it and thinks it, but no one admits it.

We also want to give YOU great service and a great experience during a very emotional and somewhat scary time.

We really want to change your attitude about Conveyancing. Yes, it can be scary the first time (remember your first kiss?) and it can be stressful having to hand over control to someone else (especially to a stranger where money and deadlines are concerned) but it isn’t something to fear when you go with Monkey Conveyancing.

Conveyancing is a process. It is a very simple process. And we at Monkey Conveyancing want you to understand that. This is our mission. It’s not rocket science. It used to be, but not anymore. It can be complicated to the lay person and it uses big legal words, but it is nothing to be afraid of.

Solicitors are professionals. We work to high standards and there are penalties if we don’t. Solicitors are some of the most highly regulated people in the world. Makes sense if you think about it – lawyers love laws.

We know that for a client to feel ‘like they are in good hands’, Lawyers have had to be seen as being conservative, safe, reliable, and even dull, to give their clients confidence in their abilities. And they tend to maintain an air of mystery because of it. We are here to tell you we are not dull.

Who ever heard of a law firm calling themselves Monkey Conveyancing?

We Lawyers are really just like you. Only our job is usually harder. We have to keep you happy and if we don’t, we get punished. You don’t see that happening in other professions and rarely in the real world.

At Monkey Conveyancing, we are real, accessible, friendly and human – even if we have a Monkey face.

What We Want

We want to be happy! We want YOU to be happy! The best way for that to happen is to be honest and ethical. No relationship ever failed because people were clean and truthful. We want to remove the snooty image of Lawyers.